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Lets get you started on a journey to better mental wellbeing

What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation...
John Doe

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We offer therapy sessions for specific psychological disorders and general life issues.


We provide capacity building trainings for mental health professionals and persons from other related fields.

Employee Wellness Programs

We provide employee wellness packages for organizations to enhance employee wellbeing, productivity and motivation.

School Psychological Services

We provide psychological assessments, counselling, trainings and special education needs intervention for schools.

The Sunshine Series being recognized by the President of the United States, POTUS!

Organizations we've worked with


The Thrive Programme

We have carefully curated a skills acquisition programme to jumpstart graduates and earl career professionals into the mental health sector. This a 3-month virtual programme, accessible to participants from any part of the World.

Lay Counselling Skills Training

This 5-day interactive Lay Counseling Skills Virtual Workshop covers an introduction to mental health and common disorders, learn to use basic screening tool for depression, stress and anxiety, understanding the fundamentals of counselling, access to our lay counselling network and so much more.

Anti-bullying Workshop for Schools and Parents

Bullying is real and prevalent in schools and now more than ever, we are reminded about it.Bullying affects the victim both physically and mentally and this can lead to a lack of concentration or a stunt to a child’s academic and personal growth.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workshop

Are you a psychologist, therapist, counsellor, social work or health work looking to brush up on your already-acquired skills? Or are you looking for a fresh idea on how you can help your clients change their negative and irrational thoughts. Register for the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workshop

Interested in any of our programs, Follow the link below to know more.

annual mental health symposiums

TSS 2nd Annual Mental Health Symposium 2023

This symposium explored mental health in Nigeria, focusing on legislation, education, and youth wellbeing.


Our Clients are Happy

Our clients are a top priority at The Sunshine Series. We deliver services that cater for diverse needs of individuals, groups and organizations. Hear what they say.


"Great and insightful training experience. I will highly recommend this training to people because there's so much valuable information on mental health and how to handle mental distress. Keep up the good work.


"Before this Trauma-informed care practice workshop, I carry out quick observatory assessments and make pre-emptive diagnosis. With this training, I've learnt how to make my therapy sessions more effective by listening patiently and allowing my clients to express themselves openly, freely and directly before making diagnosis."


"We have always had a productive endeavour with this organization in utilizing their capacity building workshop service. They have competent staff that have demonstrated efficiency, good teamwork, professionalism, quality service delivery and excellent customer care."


Events & Articles


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