"Mental health is at the core of our humanity. It enables us to lead rich and fulfilling lives and to participate in our communities. But the COVID19 virus is not only attacking our physical health; it is also increasing psychological suffering."

Antonio Guterres UN Secretary General

The She For Love Project

This project provides Psychosocial support to women and girls who are survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). In collaboration with Samuel Ioron Foundation, we have provided therapy sessions to girls and women survivors of SGBV in an Internally displaced persons camp in Benue state.

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The She for Love Project aims to provide 500 survivors of SGBV with Trauma-focused therapy sessions in Nigeria and train 100 women in grassroots communities in Lay counselling skills to be able to offer women and girls in their communities psychosocial support to prevent and reduce the high prevalence of SGBV in Nigeria. And also, to end the silence culture that prevent women and girls from speaking up and seeking help.

The Sunshine Series project

Women in Internally displaced persons camp with our Lay counsellor using dance as therapy.

The She For Love Project

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