Upcoming Trainings and Workshops

The Thrive Programme

We have carefully curated a skills acquisition programme to jumpstart graduates and earl career professionals into the mental health sector.

This a 3-month virtual programme, accessible to participants from any part of the World. 

Benefits of the Thrive Programme include;

  1. Certification trainings in 3 skills; Lay counselling skills, Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), and Trauma-informed care practice (TIP)
  2. Mentorship and coaching on personal growth and career planning
  3. Clinical supervision
  4. Potential job/internship placements for select participants
This programme is suitable for final year university students and graduates of psychology, social work, guidance and counselling, education, public health, nursing, medical sciences. It is also suitable for medical practitioners, mental health workers, humanitarian aid workers, care and support workers. 
Thrive Program Poster Cohort 2

Lay counselling skills training

Lay counselling skills training flyer

This 5-day interactive Lay Counseling Skills Virtual Workshop covers an introduction to mental health and common disorders, learn to use basic screening tool for depression, stress and anxiety, understanding the fundamentals of counselling, access to our lay counselling network and so much more. Are you a health worker, social worker, doctor, mental health practitioner, psychologist, NGO worker, a psychology/medical student or just a mental health enthusiast looking to change the narrative on mental health care access, this is for you! Click here to register

Lay counselling skills training testimonial
Lay counselling skills training testimonial

Anti-bullying workshop for schools and parents

Bullying is real and prevalent in schools and now more than ever, we are reminded about it.Bullying affects the victim both physically and mentally and this can lead to a lack of concentration or a stunt to a child’s academic and personal growth.

In this workshop, we would be discussing how we can prevent bullying by going to the root cause of it through understanding bullying, discussing the effects of it in schools, homes and the society at large and most importantly, designing interventions to limit bullying.

The workshop will be packed with activities and solutions that will ensure that bullying is curbed and prevented.

Click here to register.

Anti-bullying workshop flyer
Anti-bullying workshop facilitator

Albert Einstein once said: ” we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them” and that’s what Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is all about, changing negative thinking patterns by changing the way we think and perceive certain situations. Are you a psychologist, therapist, counsellor, social work or health work looking to brush up on your already-acquired skills? Or are you looking for a fresh idea on how you can help your clients change their negative and irrational thoughts, feelings and emotions to help them improve their life? Click here to register.