The Mind Wheel Project

"Mental health is at the core of our humanity. It enables us to lead rich and fulfilling lives and to participate in our communities. But the COVID19 virus is not only attacking our physical health; it is also increasing psychological suffering." - Antonio Guterres UN Secretary General

At the beginning of the lockdown in Abuja, Nigeria, we leveraged on technology and started a COVID-19 response project called The Mind Wheel, which offered free online counselling and psychosocial support to persons struggling with their mental health as a result of the pandemic and its challenges.

We have not only catered for the Psychosocial needs of help-seekers from different states within and outside Nigeria, but we have also built a team of 35 selfless volunteers who are changing the mental health narratives.

We have collaborated with multiple organisations to create awareness and provide free counselling to underserved persons. They are; She Writes Woman, Serene Minds India, YALI RLC Alumni Chapter of Nigeria, and Network for Psychosocial Support- Africa.

On 11th May, 2021, The Mind Wheel project launched the first mental health helpline in Nigeria on the national emergency number 112, in collaboration with the Federal Government of Nigeria. The helpline is currently piloting in the FCT,  offering free 24/7 counselling support to residents, with no call credit costs. We are working towards expanding the helpline to other states in the country.

The launch of the 112 mental health helpline from L-R Rep of the IG of Police, Rep of Chairman, NDLEA, Hon. Minister of SDIA, Founder of The Sunshine Series, Nollywood Actress Jamila

The 3 Core Activities of The Mind Wheel Project

The Mind Wheel Project is our first social impact project, aimed at bridging the access to mental health care in Nigeria and reaching underserved persons.

To cushion the mental health impact of the COVID19 pandemic and foster the resilience and holistic recovery of Nigerians. 24/7 free counselling on the national emergency number 112 currently available for FCT residents.

To match our service delivery with global best practices, we offer continuous trainings for counsellors, health-workers, NGO and humanitarian workers, mental health advocates.

Our trainings include; Lay counselling skills, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-informed Care Practice, Psychological First Aid, Suicide Risk Management, Psychosocial Support for Sexual and Gender-based Violence.

Mental health suffers alot of stigma and shaming, which hinders many help-seekers from getting the support they need. We want to change that through research to have accurate data on mental health in Nigeria. And, by demystifying mental health through sharing of accurate information online and offline.


We believe that every person should have equal access to quality mental healthcare and an enabling environment that allows them to thrive. We are happy to serve as a bridge for that gap.

"I spoke with Ada the last time and it was a great session. Thank you The Sunshine Series for being there whenever I need someone to talk to."
Helpline caller
"I really enjoyed how interactive and enlightening it was. The role play sessions were my favourite. Overall, I enjoyed every bit of the training.
Lay counselling skills training participant
"The experience I had was amazing. I was able to learn how to cope with stress, basic communication skills and how to make referrals. The session was interactive and educative."
Lay counselling skills training participant